The team of the Department of Anaesthesiology accompanies and cares for patients all around the surgical procedure at the Goldstadt Private Clinic. This includes anaesthetic preparation, anaesthesia during the operation, and anaesthesiologic care after the operation.

Goldstadt Private Clinic offers only modern anaesthetic procedures. These include general anaesthesia or regional anaesthesia (“partial anaesthesia”). The type of anaesthesia used is individually adapted to each patient with regard to the planned surgical procedure.

The patients are given detailed information prior to the anaesthesia. This preliminary anaesthesiological discussion takes place ahead of the planned operation, so that additional findings can be collected if necessary. This allows the anaesthetist to get a comprehensive picture of the patient’s overall state of health and needs.

Throughout the operation and during each anaesthetic procedure, patients are always cared for and carefully monitored by a consultant anaesthetist, who is assisted by the anaesthetic nurses. Anaesthetics are administrated both at the beginning of general anaesthesia and during the entire surgical process, either as “anaesthetic vapour” (balanced anaesthesia) or via a vein (total intravenous anaesthesia, or TIVA).

In the recovery phase following an operation, the anaesthesia team monitors the vital paraments of the patient and the patient’s well-being. The patient is continuously asked about any pain and answers are documented with the help of clinically established point systems.

Our aim is to hand a satisfied patient over to the ward nurses, who are of course continuously assisted by the specialist anaesthesia team.