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Breast Augmentation

Here in the Goldstadt Private Clinic we offer two breast augmentation procedures:

Insertion of a top-quality implant:

The length of surgery and inpatient stay are dependent on the complexity of the surgery required. The stitches do not need to be removed, they disintegrate on their own. This will all be discussed in a detailed consultation before the scheduled surgery. Following surgery, we recommend that you wear a special, snugly fitting bra, which is available from us in the clinic. We will continue to care for you after surgery.

Breast augmentation using autologous fat:

Autologous fat is also an excellent material for breast augmentation. The fat is taken from a suitable part of the patient's body, cleaned and injected back under the breast tissue. Today we know from experience that approx. 70% of the injected fat cells survive. In order to achieve the desired size, two or three procedures are required. In order to obtain good results it is advisable to abstain from tobacco and strict diets.

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