Clinic management

The Goldstadt Private Clinic is an exceptional institution:
Running a private urological clinic requires many skills in addition to outstanding medical expertise. Our management team consists of two physicians together with two pharmacists, which offers patients quality care from an exceptional perspective.


In the hands of specialists

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Sven Lahme, the Goldstadt Private Clinic is characterized by its team of exclusively proven specialists in the urological field.

Our main focus is on the needs of the patients. Therefore, inpatients and outpatients are treated using the latest technology in a pleasant environment.


Outpatient clinic

The outpatient clinic of the Goldstadt Private Clinic is located on the ground floor. Patients are cared for there during consultation hours. In addition to patient care and endoscopy, the wide range of tasks of an experienced medical assistant includes laboratory activities such as determining blood values, urine tests, taking blood samples, and much more.


Vanessa Neumeister
Medical Assistant MFA
Leitung Ambulanz
Tanja Mujagic
Patient management
Shannon Britsche
Medical Assistant MFA
Melisa Kahya
Medical Assistant MFA
Angelika Ljasow
Medical Assistant MFA

Surgical theatre

A well-coordinated team of urology specialists works hand in hand with the medical team to ensure optimal surgical results.

The anaesthesia nursing staff works with the specially trained surgical theatre nurses to look after the patient before and during an operation until the patient is transferred to the ward.


Ute Epple
Operating Room nurse
Head of Operating Room Nursing
Susan-Harriet Schreiber
Operating Room nurse
Dominik Dittes
Surgical assistant
Elisabeth Talmon-Gros
Specialist nurse for anaesthesia and intensive care
Angelika Lazuk
Anaesthesia nurse
Eva Augenstein
Anaesthesia nurse


To ensure that recovery proceeds in the best possible way, inpatients are monitored and cared for around the clock by registered nurses.

We are able to give particular conditions of patients special consideration because a nurse concentrates fully on a few patients at a time, therefore allowing them to give each patient the quality care they deserve.


Kristin Steingruber
Ward nurse
Ward management
Angela Joseph
Ward nurse
Katalin Ebbesmeier
Ward nurse
Alma Sadikovic
Ward nurse
Josephine Hermann

Technical infrastructure

A wide range of tasks have to be performed to ensure the smooth running of our specialised urology clinic. All technical equipment is checked and maintained regularly. The stocks of medicines must be properly organised and stored, and all rooms must be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with regulations.

Teuta Morina
Pharmaceutical Commercial Assistant (PKA)
Christina Lüdde
Pharmaceutical Commercial Assistant (PKA)

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