Urethral reconstruction (urethroplasty) for urethral strictures

In the case of recurrent narrowing of the urethra after urethral slits, open surgery should be considered as soon as possible, as scarring tends to increase with each slitting.

Brief info on urethral reconstruction (urethroplasty) for urethral strictures

Indication Recurrence of urethral stricture
Procedure Open surgical procedure to remove the constriction. Covering the area with oral mucosa
Surgery time Approx. 1.5-2 hours
Clinic stay 5-7 nights
Note General anaesthesia

Questions about urethral reconstruction

In the open procedure, an incision is made near the constriction in the perineal area. The constriction is located and incised. The resulting defect is then usually covered with oral mucosa from the cheek, which is removed in the same session and is very suitable for this procedure. This is also why the procedure is known as oral mucoplasty. The operation requires a lot of experience and should therefore be performed by a specialist

During the first 5 days, a urethral catheter remains in the bladder and ensures that the mucosa in the surgical area can heal well. After the catheter is removed, the patient is discharged. In most cases, an abdominal wall catheter is left in place for some time so that the urine can flow out and the surgical area remains protected. Follow-up treatment includes regular examinations to check the strength of the urine stream and that the bladder is emptying correctly.

In addition to the general risks of any surgical procedure, such as bleeding or fever, a disturbance in the wound’s healing process can cause the graft to grow poorly. There may be occasional pain or numbness in the mouth, and in rare cases scars. All possible risks of the surgical intervention are discussed in a detailed explanatory discussion prior to the procedure.

If the procedure is carried out by an experienced surgeon, satisfactory long-term results can be expected. At the Goldstadt Private Clinic, these procedures are performed by private lecturer Dr. Jörg Seibold. His over 20 years of experience in the field of reconstructive urology ensures optimal surgical results.

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